We have our history of digital images, but that only goes back20 years at the very most. We are interested in finding just a few of the images our members would have used in the club before digital.

To celebrate 125 years we would like to have a peek at some of the images our members have made over those years.

We are wondering if anyone has any prints made while the photographer was a member of our club. We don’t need to borrow them but we would like to have a photograph and the details to celebrate a past member. We would really appreciate if anyone can unearth a lost image from our past.

To help with the earlier part of our history we have a list of some of our past members going back to the beginning of the 20th century. You will find this list below

Also the results page on our website has some winners names going back to the 1960s. a link is  HERE

Just email us at; publicity@swindonphotosoc.org.uk

Do You Know Someone who was a member of our Club?

At the time it was called; North Wilts Field and Camera Club.

This list is by no means complete. We would love to know if you know of one of our past members, better still that you may have some of their photography.


Mr W H Stanier, Mr Seymour, Mr Ainsworth, F Shurlock, G E Brown,

F Mason, W R Bird, , T Leslie T C Davidson

Up to 1930

Miss Slade, Miss Rowe, S S Hallett, S E Peckham, F R Bickley, H Pollard

H S Shawyer, F Redman, H C Edmed, Owen W F Thomas, H C Todd

W Holland, S P Morris, J B Miller, F J Whitaker, C F Hayball, F J Cousin

R G Hannington, H Jones, A E Nethercott, W J Davison ,A Passmore

W J Venning, F Morris, Mr H Day, Rev Coulson, Mr Bassett, Mr Martin

Miss Tallyn, Mr Hallam, Mr Jobson, Mr Holmes,


Mr Clifford, Mr H R Richards, Mr C Pendleton, Canon Goddard, Mr Venn

Lady Currie, Dr R P Beatty, Mr G Pressey, Mr A E Withy, Miss Harris

Miss Crowdy, Miss Robinson, Mr P Wilson, Miss Boulton, Miss Keith

Mr E M Sparkes, S E Angle, H E Fening, Mr C E Sandilands, Mr R Smith,

L F Thompson, G H Iles, M A Willis, M R Willis