I have only recently taken up photography as a hobby and love getting out with my camera and trying new things.
I joined SPS in September 2022: the members have been very welcoming, and I receive lots of help and encouragement.


I have been taking photographs with a variety of film and digital cameras for many years, however this has been mainly on family holidays. In 2018 I bought my first serious DSLR with the aim of improving the quality of the landscape images that I love to try and capture. Joining the Swindon Photographic Society this year has given me new impetus to get out there, meet other photographers and gain experience. Entering the SPS competitions also gives you the opportunity to see how your images are seen by the judges and importantly others in the group. This in turn presents a great opportunity to further improve your skills.


“I was a keen but not very accomplished enthusiast back in the day of film and slides, then due to other interests the lure began to wane. The advent of digital cameras has rekindled my interest and has led me to joining the Swindon Photographic Society, which is enabling me to improve my skills.”


“I love taking pictures but have always been disappointed with the results, so I joined Swindon Photographic Society last year. I have learned so much from looking at other photographers’ pictures, competition judges and the amazing guest speakers that we have had this year. I’ve joined all three special interest groups and have been on several location trips and model shoots. The other members are extremely knowledgeable and always happy to help. I’m never going to be David Bailey, but I’m really enjoying it and have several pictures that I’m pleased with.”


“As a scuba diver for 40 years, I have long had an interest in underwater photography, joining underwater photography clubs years before joining a general one. I also have a keen interest in wildlife and most of my images are taken on dedicated photography trips, above and below water, both here in the UK and in more exotic locations. I would like to do more landscape photography (and join the SPS Landscape SIG) but somehow life keeps getting in the way.”


“I joined SPS to increase my knowledge, understanding and most of all enjoyment of taking pictures. SPS is a fabulous club filled with seriously talented individuals willing to support all members on their photographic endeavours.”


“I have been enjoying photography since my university days of some 40 years ago, with subjects usually being landscape, nature, and aircraft, the last of these generally being at the RIAT at Fairford.
After being diagnosed with CFS/ME nearly 18 months ago I have exchanged my Canon gear for much lighter Olympus micro 4/3 rd.’s, after finding the equivalent of holding a baby in my arms all day to be quite a strain, which is prompting a look at less physically fatiguing alternative subjects, such as macro, star trails, and astrophotography, after some excellent talks this past season.”


“I have been interested in photography for many years mainly taking family portraits. I have enjoyed taking photos around the equestrian world in which I was a part of but it was all a case of point the camera and shoot. Now I am learning how to use a camera properly and getting to understand all the settings. I think I will be looking at wildlife in photography more in the future.”


“I am enjoying being a member of Swindon Photographic Society”


“I became interested in photography in 1999 as a tool to provide source material to manipulate on the computer but have now moved to the opposite extreme in trying to capture the image almost completely in camera, that said, there is still post processing and the occasional ‘adjustment’ to be made. I refer to myself as a competition photographer because I find showing my images in this way becomes a driver to get out and look for something new each year, and it’s no longer about winning but more the simple pleasure of creating an image that I’m proud to share.”


“I am interested in how we as photographers can modify time and space by choosing when to press the shutter button and choosing what to include in the frame to reveal candid moments in public places that we often ordinarily overlook. Searching for and anticipating these moments on the street have become a real addiction.”


“I’ve always enjoyed taking photographs, I’ve just never been very good at it.
I thought that progressing up the chain of camera technologies might improve my skills. It did not. Joining a photo club did though.
I thank all at the club for their welcome, enthusiasm, knowledge and friendship. Playmates, one and all.”