What is the sig?

Portrait photography is about capturing the essence, personality, identity and attitude of a person utilizing backgrounds, lighting, outfits and posing. This can be in a studio using artificial studio lighting and backdrops or outdoors location shoot using natural lighting.

The primary aim of the Portrait SIG is to allow members to gain an understanding of studio lighting, develop their skills and work with models through practical photoshoots.

The SIG provides a relaxed and enjoyable environment to enable anyone to develop their skills and produce some great images.

Who is it for?

The Portrait SIG is for anyone who enjoys taking pictures of people and wants to develop their skills, particularly in the use of studio lighting. The SIG is also great for anyone, irrespective of their level of experience, who wants to work with professional models in a studio environment or on location.

What do you think a new member would learn?

The SIG is not a formal training environment but one where techniques and ideas can be shared and practiced, learning from practical sessions and from other members of the group. A new member can just participate in a shoot, learning as they shoot or they can take a more active role in understanding and developing the lighting setups.

How often do you meet?

The Portrait SIG organises a number of small group shoots (3 or 4 people) with a professional model each month. These shoots are offered to members of the SIG so that everyone gets regular opportunities to participate in the shoots. All shoots are self funded to share the costs of the models. An occasional Zoom meeting is held to review recent shoots, discuss future shoots and also to look at lighting and editing techniques for portrait photography.

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