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Pylon on the pressure by John Day

Real Beauty by Claire Fidler

Who Were Members of Our Club?

Do You Know Someone who was a member of our Club? At the time it was called; North Wilts Field and Camera Club. This list is by no…

Our 120th Birthday Competition

Announcing the Winners On the evening of Thursday 11th April 2019 just at the end of our 120th year as a camera club, Robert Albright, The President of…

Eifell Tower by John Newbold

Second Place in Comp.6 Primary DPI

A Day Out With Dad by Nick Pitt

Second place in Comp.6 Advanced DPI

Architectural Curve by Rob Webster

Third place in Comp.6 DPI Primary

Bowood House Garden by Iva Petrikova

First in Comp.6 DPI Primary

Walker by Robert Albright ARPS

First in Comp.6 DPI Advanced

Autumn Gold by Tony Marson

Highly Commended in Comp. 6 Primary Prints