Do You Know Someone who was a member of our Club?

At the time it was called; North Wilts Field and Camera Club.

This list is by no means complete and only goes up to the 1930s. We would love to know if you know of one of our past members, better still that you may have some of their photography.


Mr W H Stanier, Mr Seymour, Mr Ainsworth, F Shurlock,

G E Brown, F Mason, W R Bird, T Leslie, T C Davidson.

Up to 1930

Miss Slade, Miss Rowe, S S Hallett, S E Peckham, F R Bickley

H Pollard, H S Shawyer, F Redman, H C Edmed, Owen W F Thomas

H C Todd, W Holland, S P Morris, J B Miller, F J Whitaker

C F Hayball, F J Cousin, R G Hannington, H Jones, A E Nethercott

W J Davison, A Passmore, W J Venning, F Morris, Mr H Day

Rev Coulson, Mr Bassett, Mr Martin, Miss Tallyn, Mr Hallam

Mr Jobson, Mr Holmes


Mr Clifford, Mr H R Richards, Mr C Pendleton, Canon Goddard,

Mr Venn, Lady Currie, Dr R P Beatty, Mr G Pressey, Mr A E Withy

Miss Harris, Miss Crowdy, Miss Robinson, Mr P Wilson, Miss Boulton

Miss Keith, Mr E M Sparkes, S E Angle, H E Fening, Mr C E Sandilands

Mr R Smith, L F Thompson, G H Iles, M A Willis, M R Willis.

There are some names on our results page that go back to the lat 50s. If you have any questions or information please email John at