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“I was a keen but not very accomplished enthusiast back in the day of film and slides. Then due to other interests the lure began to wane. The advent of digital cameras has rekindled my interest and has led me to joining the Swindon Photographic Society which is enabling me to improve my skills.”

Howard Millard

“I joined SPS after receiving a Minolta XGM for my Birthday. I wanted to learn the controls and use a darkroom.

I have made friends and enjoyed many group outings photographing Landscape, Architecture, Portraits, Still life and Weddings.

The one common denominator is that there must be good light! Except the Weddings when it always rains.”


“Every since I remember I was fascinated by world of Photography, few years back when I visited Cuba I could feel my passion was growing even more having chance to explore indefinable magic of tranquil beauty. I could see myself travelling around the world and exploring it thorough my eyes. Joining SPS gave me perspective and guidance how to become better photographer. “

Iveta Petrikova

“My photographic interests include landscape, portrait, street and architecture. I like to explore the boundaries between photography and fine art.”

Robert Albright FRPS

“Like many I have been taking snaps for years but seeing a friend post some fantastic images on Facebook got me thinking that I would like to produce interesting images too.  Joining SPS in 2016 has helped enormously along with YouTube, books and the internet as sources of inspiration and I am now hooked on trying to improve my photography.  Of course, the more I learn the more I realise there is more to do but what a journey!”

Dave Young

“My interest in photography began over 30 years ago when candid portraiture and travel photography were my main focus. Now I concentrate mainly on landscapes, with a bit of the ‘arty’ occasionally added to the mix! The images in this Gallery reflect my various styles and interests and span a number of years.”

Anna Stowe, AFIAP

“As a young boy my dad kindled my interest in photography by teaching me how to develop contact prints in the cellar. My fascination with photography continued but mostly my photography has recorded my travels, and events with friends and family, however last year I joined SPS to encourage me to improve the quality and variety of my work – a good move!”

Richard Salt

“As a scuba diver for 35 years, I have long had an interest in underwater photography, joining underwater photography clubs years before joining a general one.  I also have a keen interest in wildlife photography around the word, followed by travel photography and I would like to improve my limited abilities in capturing landscapes.”

Gillian Marsh

“Photography has become a passion and integral part of my life. When photographing, suddenly you notice light, shapes, colours, textures, people, buildings, trees, flowers…Everything around you looks different when you start to see the world through a lens. The way you see it is unique so photography allows you to share this perspective with others. It is a passion that you can share, with new directions and new challenges to explore. I find photography a wonderful story-telling medium which can reflect every emotion, from happiness to sadness, fear and excitement. Photography is capable of bending reality through the use of time lapse, HDR shots and light painting, just much as it records a brief moment in time.”

Mike Stanley

“This is why I am so passionate about photography: I admire the beauty of this World, capture and share what I see with people.” 

Dr Yulia Bass

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