On the website under galleries you will find a new one marked Dennis Stephenson. Please take a look.

As you will read in the gallery, Dennis was one of the most important members the club has ever had. His digital archive was left to the club after his death.

You will find an Exhibition Gallery and an Archive Gallery. The Exhibition Gallery is ten of his finished images.

The Archive Gallery is where you will find ideas and inspiration should you ever need it. Different versions of the same image, from straight out of the camera to several finished versions. See Dennis’s thought processes and methods on how to bring impact and drama to his photography. There should be something for everyone here. The archive is large and yet represents about 30% of the 50% of the total archive we have made ready to use.

We hope you will want to dip in whenever you need an idea.

Also your comments would be very welcome, please let us know what you think