Crofton Beam Engines

The two steam engines at Crofton, were built 200 years ago to pump water 12m up to a pond at the summit of the Kennet & Avon canal.  Today electric pumps carry out the job of topping up the canal with water.  But the steam engines still work and are run a few weekends each year. 

On Thursday 23rd August 2018 the volunteers at the Kennet and Avon Canal Trust have agreed to stay open late for our visit (6.00-8.00pm).  

Entry will cost £3.50 per person, plus 50p parking fee per car. 

Kate will collect the entry fees and the car parking charges to save time at the tills.

A guided tour of the building will last about 45 minutes to give us an insight of all the aspects of the place and help us with our photographic decisions .

That should leave about an hour to capture those fantastic images.